Le site LS notes a été mis a jour vers la version 0.28.0 beta de BookStack

Ci dessous la liste des changements apportés par cette version (en anglais) :

Requirement Change
  • Minimum required version of PHP has changed from 7.0.5 to 7.2.
  • Added a baseline API implementation. (#1414#1826)
  • Added SAML2 authentication option. Thanks to @Xiphoseer. (#1787#1576#276)
  • Added ability to override translations with custom text using the theme system. (#1749)
  • Added the ability to customise application theme colours in settings. Thanks to @james-geiger. (#1723#1380)
  • Added ability to send test e-mails. Thanks to @timoschwarzer. (#1719#1696)
  • Added Pascal support for content code blocks. Thanks to @albergoniSivaf. (#1730)
  • Added support INI syntax in code editor. Thanks to @c0shea. (#1667#1648)
  • Added event hooks for core editor setup actions. (#1721)
  • Added a “Cascade Shelf Permissions” command to copy shelf permission to books. (#1091)
  • Added ability to fullscreen markdown editor and improved mobile layout. (#1675)
  • Updated focus outline to be a sensible width and consistent across browsers. (#1738)
  • Updated page deletion flow so the user lands on the parent chapter if existing. (#1715)
  • Updated book-create-cancel flow to return to shelf if that’s the origin. Thanks to @cw1998. (#1687#1662)
  • Updated collapsible form sections to auto-open if containing validation errors. (#1693)
  • Updated LDAP functionality to fetch gravatar upon registration. Thanks to @philjak. (#1746)
  • Updated the login fields to autofocus on visit. Thanks to @almandin. (#1584)
  • Updated PHP code block syntax highlighting to detect, and highlight, PHP code without opening <?php tags. (#1557)
  • Updated registration settings to indicate non-used settings when LDAP/SAML is active and removed confusing overriding behaviour. (#1541)
  • Updated image upload handling to prevent generated thumbnails being used if larger than original image. (#1751)
  • Updated LDAP authentication to allow the attribute, that’s stored and used as a unique identifier, to be configurable. (#592)
  • Updated notifications to show a close icon. Thanks to @SoarinFerret. (#1845#1525)
  • Updated maintenance page to link to GitHub release page. Thanks to @DeftNerd. (#1462)
  • Updated codeblocks so white-space is not trimmed. (#1771)
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translations. Thanks to @johnroyer. (#1819)
  • Updated Polish translations. Thanks to @artskoczylas. (#1804)
  • Updated Italian translations. Thanks to @dellamina. (#1762)
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translations. Thanks to @qianmengnet and @jzoy. (#1797#1791)
  • Updated Korean translations. Thanks to @ististudio. (#1734)
  • Updated French translations. Thanks to @qligier. (#1695)
  • Updated ‘Spanish Argentina’ translations. Thanks to @leomartinez. (#1681)
  • Updated Turkish translations. Thanks to @oykenfurkan. (#1660)
  • Updated Russian translations. Thanks to @kostefun. (#1646)
  • Updated German translations. Thanks to @ezzra. (#1503)
  • Updated translations for: Portuguese, Brazilian; Chinese Traditional; Chinese Simplified; Dutch; Italian; Ukrainian; Polish; Spanish; Hungarian; German; Turkish; French; Danish; German Informal; Russian; Korean; Spanish, Argentina. Thanks to Crowdin Users.
  • Upgraded framework to Laravel 6. Thanks to @timoschwarzer and @JtheBAB for assisting with this. (#1641#1600)
  • Setup Crowdin to manage translations. (#1261)
  • Refactored entity repository code & refactored core controllers. (#1690)
  • Aligned authentication service functionality, config & behaviour. (#1866)
  • Fixed issue where base64 images would paste as text. (#1697)
  • Fixed issue where pasted images would not auto upload in some circumstances. (#1651)
  • Fixed issue where code block content would be hidden until clicked. (#1672)
  • Fixed a possible middleware exception. Thanks to @abublihi. (#1793)
  • Fixed issue where a shelf image may not be assigned properly. Thanks to @philjak. (#1735)
  • Fixed missing git dependency in developer docker setup. Thanks to @ammardev. (#1698)
  • Fixed issue where inline code blocks could overrun the page and cut-off. Thanks to @james-geiger. (#1587#1575)
  • Fixed missing translations for “actions”. Thanks to @ezzra. (#1502)
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